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Hey! My name is Priyank and I'm a software developer with a passion for algorithm design and problem solving. I'm currently in my last year at VIT Vellore pursuing a degree in Electronics and Communication with a Specializaton in IoT and Sensors. I aspire for a career that will allow me to build scalable and user friendly softwares.

TL;DR?  Self Proclamations:

Software Developer
Competitive Coder
Technology Enthusiast

What I Do

Software Development

I enjoy creating new software, as it entails resposibility of reliability. It requires me to brainstorm creative solutions to complex problems. Software defines computer science, as the interdependability pushes forward industry growth.

Web Development

Web Development has come a long long way and has still to go a long way with newer technologies getting introduced everyday. I believe in staying up to date with the latest trends and while not losing the essense of the base. Web is the most accessible platform for display of any new technology or product. Hence, it excites me the most.

Competitive Coding

With a strong foundation in computer science, I profoundly enjoy creating algorithms and solving problems. The constant competition in the field adds an edge of excitement, and motivates me to pierce deeper into this new world.


I've been coding for about 5 years now, and I'm always eager to learn more in this fast paced industry.

Some technologies I've worked with:

Where I've Learnt:

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What I've Done

(more coming soon)

Q-Kyu (Role: App Development)

Used Flutter with Dart to implement barcode scanning in mobiles and shopping list management to minimize queues in shopping mart checkouts.

StockSoft (Role: App Development)

Used LSTM and Multiple Regression Model to predict future stock values in an android app with user login through OTP.

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